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The Well House is a nine-bedded respite unit for adults with learning disabilities within the 18 - 65 years age range.

Referrals are made generally through assessment teams although private referrals are accepted only on the condition of the relevant paperwork and assessments being in place. We also accept direct payments and are registered providers for the East Sussex Homecare vouchers.
Clients stays are for a maximum of three weeks at a time.
The Well House does not take emergency admissions. However if the relevant paperwork is in place and a bed is available we will accommodate the client for an agreed amount of nights.
The Well House is a spacious unit run by an experienced and caring staff team, who are continually updated on all relevant training.
Residents are accepted across a wide spectrum of needs from autism, epilepsy, challenging behaviour... and can also include people reliant on wheelchairs. Each resident will have a Social Care Assessment as well as an In House Care Assessment in place prior to arrival.
Clients with epilepsy are accepted on the condition that any specific medication criteria /guidelines are in place. We will ensure that staff with the appropriate training are available, i.e. invasive care and a basic epilepsy training.
The Well House only has one wheelchair reliant client on each session; we have an adapted bedroom and all appropriate equipment available to facilitate this. We would expect any manual handling. Physio assessments in place prior to stay.
Clients with challenging needs are accepted in the Well House if the expected behaviour can be facilitated within the unit environment and the dynamics of the client group. We will ensure that all guidelines on behaviour management are in place and that all staff are fully updated on any behavioural issues. If a client requires a 1-1 staffmg ratio this will be set up and put in place.
The unit is not suitable for clients who have severe challenging needs, as the required safeguards for such a client group are not in place. The design and general lay out of the building is not appropriate for clients who exhibit severe violent or destructive behaviour.
All new referrals have a home visit from a senior member of staff prior to stay. During this visit both clients and carer are given the chance to express any concerns they may have. At this time an in house assessment of the clients needs is completed, this includes information on diet, communication, medication, bedtime routine, any manual handling issues etc. This information is then shared with staff team and used to make clients stay as comfortable as possible.
There are regular staff planning meetings, which will prioritise the compatibility of group dynamics, as well as staffing ratios.
We offer facilities for residents with physical disabilities including people with mobility problems. The ground floor is designed for full wheelchair access. We have specialist equipment in place to meet these residents' specific needs, including hoist, electric hospital bed, bath chair and an electric height-adjusting chair.
The Well House will only have one high care client per session, so that the needs of all residents are met within our staffing ratio.
Care is taken to ensure that any specialist needs of any individual are put in place prior to stay e.g. Community Nursing support, 1-1 staffing ratio and any specialised equipment or dietary needs.
Every effort is made to ensure successful group dynamics. However, due to the nature of the service, should it arise that groups are not appropriately structured this will be rectified through the use of the quiet lounge (reception) , activities room or by using the minibus for trips out.
Experience shows that group structure and dynamics become easier to manager as time goes on. 

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interior living rooms
interior bedrooms
criteria for admissions
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